Au Naturel at Christmas – Bare or Bling?

Out for a walk with my pup, I came across a fallen 7-foot tree branch.  It was beautiful.  I thought perhaps it would end up on the patio for the winter to display snowfalls & icicles and provide a silhouette in the evenings.  However, as I squeezed it through the front door it dictated that it would remain indoors…a-img_5283-tree-branch-with-logo

Our place is rich in limestone, wood varieties, iron and other natural materials so it fit in like an old shoe.  Never would I have imagined that this lifeless piece would look fabulous everywhere I placed dragged it.  The Branch in its naked state is an effective space filler in our open concept environment, creating a striking illusion of division within the areas whilst casting an enchanting visual from every angle.  I was in love.  Tree hugging is one thing but I just took it to a whole new level.  Hence the affectionately labelled ‘Design Asylum‘ that we call home.a-img_7095-tree-branch-with-logo-2

Even without lights and embellishments, it’s awesome.

Our Christmas décor are burlap & blues so I opted for a long overdue, femme vibe to shake things up.  With all boys in the house, I’d never “girlied.”  Needless to say, I was tickled pink that at long last, rose and lavender would be added to the décor.  The Dollar Store (that I love it more than Saks!), had all the goods – including lighting.  The gift of the Branch, a pot taken in for the winter and the embellishments came to a whopping $25.        dead-tree-with-presents-with-logo

Trimming the tree consisted of snapping tips of branches to create a softer silhouette and prevent folks from losing an eye when sauntering by.  Decorating it reminded me of the game KerPlunk, a fave.  If an ornament or stem weren’t secured just so, the whole dang thing would collapse.  And did. Twice. KerPlunk. a-img_7095-tree-branch-kerplunk

Come Spring, ornaments will be replaced with birds, flowers and butterflies.  Halloween will be a blast.  Bare or Bling, she’s a keeper.dead-tree-2

Enjoy YOUR season 🙂    Tana




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